Why people need to pray

People’s faith has weakened during the last few years and so has their faith in the power of prayer. Thus, clergymen say that in these troubled times, people need to pray more than ever and we need to ask for forgiveness more than ever.

There are few truly believers and few are the ones who pray. This is exactly the reason why each and every one of us should pray more and not leave this task only to monks, priests, pastors or ministers.


Some often ask themselves why do they need to pray or whom should they mention in their prayers? Well, priests teach us that first of all we need to praise God and to thank Him for all His gifts. Only then we can ask something back. Keep in mind that our Father knows what we need, but since He made us free beings, He expects us to speak for ourselves and express our desires. And we can only do this through our everyday prayers.

Moreover, we must also keep in mind not to be selfish in our prayers. Despite the fact that we are rather tempted to say “Lord, give me! Lord, have mercy on me! Lord, please help me!”, we should also think about our brothers and sisters and pray for them all. The most useful prayer is the one made on behalf of our community and God is pleased when we pray first for our brother and then for us. The greatest proof of loving thy neighbor is when you want someone’s good before your own good.

Do not forget to continue praying for forgiveness of your sins. Everyone makes mistakes, some more than others, but we all need to pray and ask for forgiveness. Moreover, clergymen often say that our prayer should be more intense than our sins. Therefore, the present world, which is almost entirely immersed in sin, needs sincere and continuous prayers, spoken from the bottom of our souls, as people who believe and pray for them and for others are the only one who can expect for salvation.

On the other hand, we can’t talk about a right moment in which we should pray. Everyone must pray when he or she feels the need to talk to God and free themselves from their daily burden. Praying is allowed at any hour or moment of the day.

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